Precision Machining

Cnc Milling

Cnc Milling

As Specialists in CNC milling and lathe work we can provide precision machined parts, manufactured to your exact requirements and using tight manufacturing tolerances. We can reverse engineer your parts and offer an on-site design and measuring service. Ai Engineering offer a premier Sub-Contract Machining & engineering service. We have achieved an excellent reputation for quality work, combined with on time deliveries to meet the demands of our customers. Combining our experience with the latest machining technology, our customers benefit from a speedy and cost-effective machining service, allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their business. The latest cutting tool technology and tooling is constantly monitored and implemented to reduce time and cost enabling us to provide high quality precision machined components efficiently and cost effectively. CNC milling machines provide the perfect solution to demanding and complex machining designs. We’re a company with the experience, knowledge and manpower to reach the correct solution, either producing bespoke plans and designs using our 3D CAD technology and trained draughtsmen or working to drawings supplied by our customers. You can guarantee that you will be advised and supported all the way through the process by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our machinery includes a Hardinge GX1000, Hardinge GX600, Hardinge GX710 VMC milling machines, with XYZ travel of up to 1020mm x 540mm x 540mm and a Hurco TM10i CNC lathe, max. cutting diameter 295mm, max. cutting length 695mm, bar Capacity 78mm.


Vee Groove Pulley

Machined bracket from solid block

Machined bracket from solid block








Hardinge_GX_1000 CNC Milling machine

GX1000 VMC Milling Machine



CNC Machined Threaded Adaptors

CNC Machined Threaded Adaptors

CNC Turning

Hurco TM10i Lathe for CNC Turning

CNC Milling Machines

CNC Milling Machines


Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design And Engineering Drawing Service

Ai Engineering are experienced in offering mechanical design for your production or prototyping problems. We offer design help in getting your product to market.

We provide a professional mechanical drawing and design service from idea to completion.

Using leading edge drawing and modelling software, we can take yo

Solidworks 3D models

Solidworks 3D models

ur idea from conception to production quickly and economically. Prior to manufacture, we can send you a 3D model of your component to reassure you that your part is as per your specified criteria.

Ai Engineering has the latest Solidworks and Edgecam Software. This provides our machine shop with a wide range of flexible milling cycles. Machining efficiency is maximized on simple and complex prismatic parts as well as those incorporating sculptured surface geometry. With Edgecam you get prismatic machining combined with powerful 3D solid and surface machining strategies, all in one complete solution.

Mechanical design

Mechanical design

Edgecam latest CAM software.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping – concept to 3d model

A prototype model allows for the effective communication of ideas, rapid customer/inventor buy in and early design verification. The use of 3D models allows designers identify any potential build issues within the early stages of the product development cycle and can eliminate costly tooling errors.

Ai Engineering appreciate the need to get your product to market as fast as possible. We will help you do this by offering a rapid response on your prototypes.

Working closely with the customer we can assist in design development advising on best machining practices, materials and production techniques. As a small dynamic company we are also happy to undertake revisions, usually at short notice.

Producing your prototype also enables us to establish the most cost effective way of volume producing your parts.

Ai Engineering can provide design assistance at all levels from interpreting verbal specifications and concepts through to CAD design and drawing preparation. Whist we expect customers to have a clear idea of what they require, we are more than happy to provide advise on engineering principals such as wall thickness, proximity of holes to edges etc. In many instances a customer might have a component that requires excessive machining; we can recommend design modifications to simplify the production engineering requirements whilst maintaining the original mechanical specifications.

For your rapid prototyping requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

rapid prototyping

prototype design

rapid prototyping

rapid prototyping

Custom Parts

Ai Engineering offer bespoke engineering products and solutions for a variety of applications and industries

Parts can come with your own design or logo, produced using the latest CNC technology.

We offer bespoke items to customers for a wide variety of purposes including: food industry; oil industry; specialist vehicle manufacturers, architects; inventors; motorcycle race teams and motorcycle enthusiasts. As well as this we are also happy to undertake commission work from artists, sculptors and members of the general public.

We can produce anything that we can draw. See the list of some the parts we have recently produced:

  • Trike Axle Plates

    Trike Axle Plates







  • Custom Motorcycle Yokes

    Custom Motorcycle Yokes







  • led light cluster

    led light cluster







  • Aluminium Trinket Box

    Decorative aluminum trinket box








  • Playstation Docking Station

    Playstation Docking Station

Specialist Finishes

Protective Coatings and Decorative Finishes

Through a variety of specialist partners we can enhance the surface finish and integrity of engineered components with a diverse range of finishes and coatings. From high grade polishes to simple powder coatings and practical finishes such as chrome plating or anodising to ensure a robust finished article that can withstand the worst possible weather and toughest treatment.

  • Aquablasting is a method of blasting using a very fine media and mixing it with water. This is the the ultimate surface impact treatment for stainless steel and other non ferrous metals. Aquablasting leaves a super smooth easy wipe stain resistant finish on the work processed.
  • Zinc plating, clear and yellow passivate
  • Anodising, surface protection and various colours available
  • Polishing

Assembly Service

As an occasional additional service, we can also offer assembly of components and products which have been machined in our workshop. Sometimes filling an inconvenient gap in production; some items only require the most basic assembly to be completed after machining, and sometimes assembling for a smoother finishing process we’re always happy to make the process simpler for our clients.


food packaging

all items machined and assembled

Sub-Contract Services

Through our network of suppliers we can offer the following Sub-Contract services:

– Laser cutting & waterjet
– Wire eroding
– Fabrication & welding
– Anodising, Zinc plating, polishing and other finishing